The Lowdown on iPad Mini Keyboards

Yes, you can type with an iPad Mini. Of course, with the smaller screen, it would be a drag to type directly using the keyboard on the screen. Here is a detailed description of some keyboards that should be good when used with the petite gadget.

Just with keyboards for its regular-sized counterparts, two iPad Mini keyboards by Zagg may double as a protective case. They also run on Bluetooth, as obviously, the device still does not have USB ports for connectivity. When flipping the keyboard up, the screen of the device is protected from dust and scratches. For those who want to make the screen upright when used in the landscape mode, these two keyboard cases also have built-in kickstands. There are no specs by Zagg with regard to how long the keyboard can last when fully charged.

So, what is the difference between the two keyboards? The Mini 7 is advertised as an accessory with a compact layout, which means its length is edge-to-edge with the device. On the other hand, the Mini 9 has a ‘standard ZAGG layout,’ which means it goes beyond the 7-inch width of the Mini. The Mini 7’s layout can be considered a bit narrow for users to type with, while the Mini 9’s standard size should be better to encourage productivity. Both are retailing at the same price.

On the other hand, there is the ClamCase iPad Mini Keyboard Case, which is more known for really giving the device more than enough protection. Though not available yet, the pictures in the company website is certifying what tech pundits have been speculating – this would be the Clamcase iPad Keyboard, only made smaller. While the keyboard has always earned good reviews from users, Clamcase cases have one downside: They are too thick, always adding bulk to the unit.

Of course, for those who want an ergonomically designed, sleek, and full keyboard that allows ease of use and even sharing among iGadgets, there is the Multi-Sync Keyboard of Kanex. As this is a full keyboard, there’s no issue with cramped keys. Moreover, there are no wires and cables to be dealt with, adding to the comfort. It has a full numeric keypad for those dealing with numbers to easily type on. The arrow keys are great for use when scrolling through documents or even when playing games.

These iPad Mini keyboards are set to be a hit among iPad Mini owners. There are a lot of other manufacturers that have also gotten themselves into the bandwagon of producing accessories for mobile devices, obviously for financial gain. However, users have been critical of their products, resulting in misguided efforts.


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