The Case for iPad Mini Case Protectors

It can be said that of all mobile devices available, the iPad is among the most expensive. Thus, owners of their gadgets are very protective of their gadgets, which might as well be considered as investments. With the iPad Mini out, owners can pride themselves with a device that costs close to twice its similar-sized counterparts like the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7. No wonder there is a mad scramble for accessories like a lightning USB cable, a USB 3.0 docking station, and of course, iPad Mini case protectors! For a device that gives a huge dent to one’s wallet (more than $300!), protecting it from dust, debris and scratches is a wise move, indeed!

In relation to this, manufacturers of mobile device accessories have not wasted any time in cashing in on this lucrative market. The iPad Mini, particularly the model with retina display may have been available in the market only since November, but the availability of accessories that would be great for use with the iPad Mini is already in full swing. The question now is, which of these iPad Mini case protectors is worth buying? Here’s a quick look into three of them:

For those who want a combination of hard and soft elements in their casing, the Griffin Folio for the iPad Mini is recommended. Users can open the case protector like a netbook and the front flap can be flipped, making it a stand with angles that can be manipulated, depending on the user’s preference. People may be turned off with the lack of real closure, so even if the unit is safely tucked inside, newbies might fear it will fall off the cover.

This example is only soft cases, and there are a lot more options for hard casing. They are obviously more expensive, so budget-conscious owners might lean toward soft cases that are at least $10 more affordable. It is highly advisable for iPad Mini owners to not scrimp on iPad accessories like a lightning USB cable and a case protector, because they can really help in turning your gadget into one versatile and dependable must-have.


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