Speed Up Your iPhone

The thing about aging is that for people, it is considered differently. Old people are perceived as wise and therefore treated with respect. On the other hand, can you say the same for your old model iPhone (for example, an iPhone 4)? An old iPhone, unfortunately, is not really something that guarantees respect. More often than not, when you need to use your USB 3.0 docking station to charge your gadget because it is already slowing down or already has an anemic battery that may mean your iPhone needs some pepping. That is, unless you want your phone to be a continued butt of jokes.

speed up you iphone

The thing is, there are actually some things you can do in order for your old phone to perk up, if not fully come back to life. You may have to sacrifice having your phone running on the latest iOS, but you should be happier with it being faster and more responsive. So, without further ado, here are a couple of tips:

  • Most apps do NOT need to run all the time.

Thus, it is okay for you to close them if you do not need to use them. The thing is, not a lot of iPhone owners actually know how to use applications when they are actually running. So, here is a step by step:

  • Double tap the Home button.
  • Once the multitasking menu comes up, fling the app to force close it.
  • Otherwise, wait for the X to appear.

What does this exactly do? By closing apps, you cut down on unnecessary processes that your gadget’s RAM uses to keep the app running. With all the apps not running, the phone’s RAM will be focused on speeding up its functions. Your iPhone does not use any processing power when no apps are running and therefore, it’s on standby.

  • Quit the Background Refresh

iPhone, since the introduction of iOS 7, has background refresh, or the “multitasking”. This feature lets applications to refresh their data in the background while you do other stuff on the phone. Surely, the feature is useful, especially for those who want to use many apps on one go and think this is the cause of the slowdown of your device.

Go first to “Settings”, then to “General”, then tap on “Background App Refresh”. Then, flip the toggle switch to OFF. On the other hand, if you do not want to turn off Background Refresh completely, just scroll through and choose the particular app you want to use the feature instead.


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