Should You Invest in an HD Camcorder?

The first reaction when comparing the new HD camcorders with the old SD camcorders is that they are more expensive. Being a newer technology, it is expected to cost more. Burt then, considering that these models are compatible with accessories like a lightning USB cable and a USB  3.0 docking station, these camcorders are quite an investment. The more important question to the buyer then is not how much more one should shell out but if it is worth the higher price.

HD Camcorder

Aside from being cheap, SD camcorders have also the advantages of being compact in size, thus more portable, and have a faster transfer rate. Since they have been around longer than their HD counterparts, there is almost no problem when it comes to compatibility with editing software or output devices. Footage from SD camcorders can easily be burnt onto CDs or DVDs. These discs in turn can be played by any DVD player on any TV set.


There are higher end SD camcorders developed to capture better video resolution and can be recorded directly to non-tape media. Video is also recorded in a compressed format, eliminating the need to transcode while editing. There are also no compatibility problems with these higher end SD camcorders to current TV sets and DVD players. The problem with video shot in SD camcorders is that in time, they will look “dated” and of extremely low quality in the future.


As time passes by, HD technology is being aggressively pushed into the mainstream and manufacturers are coming up with models that are easier to use and even the prices are projected to go down bit by bit very soon. HD camcorders have the highest video quality and definition being offered in the market today. However, this video format as mentioned earlier will require a powerful computer for editing. Aside from that, one will also need a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player connected to an HD ready or full HD television set.


In conclusion, if one already has an HD TV and HD DVD player or plan on buying one, the question of getting an HD camcorder should be an easy choice. But this doesn’t mean that this should be the only factor in making a decision. One can think of getting HD camcorders with accessories like a lightning USB cable as an investment in the sense that the footage one shoots today will still look good in the future.



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