Should You Have a Plasma TV?

After decades that television has continuously evolved, digital television is finally real. However, digital TV cannot really be appreciated if we continue using the same TV sets that we’ve been using in the past. These days, as we are undergoing a digital revolution, technology such as Direct TV, HDMI cables, High Definition TV, and digital satellite broadcasts have enabled us to elevate our television viewing experience.

plasma Tv

These digital advances in TV technology can only be maximized with the use of Plasma televisions. Plasma televisions are currently the only means for us to fully take advantage of the improved quality of images due to these digital sources in video. If you are really curious as to what advantages Plasmas provide you, continue reading.

A Plasma TV’s resolution is higher.

Compared to a conventional TV set, a Plasma TV offers higher screen resolution. Plasmas’ capacities extend from displaying signals for DTV and HDTV to computer signals including VGSA, SVGA, and XGA. To further illustrate the point, Plasma TVs can display images ranging from 480i and 480p HD signals to 1080p and 1080i/720p HDTV resolutions. That can

Be possible with a Plasma TV that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

A Plasma television set does not display scan lines.

Different TV sets use different methods of making images. In some television sets, particularly NTSC sets, the conventional CRT (cathode ray tube) process is used to make images. With CRTs, an electron beam is responsible for scanning the TV’s picture tube from the top down at regular interludes. This causes phosphors to light and compose the image. This procedure of image making reflects scan lines to be visible on the TV screen.

For Plasma televisions, this is not the case. Plasmas do not use cathode ray tubes. In making pictures, a Plasma TV’s method is called line doubling. This method improves the quality of images reflected on the Plasma TV screen, aside from the fact that you will not see any scan lines.   Even analog video sources like VCR tapes and majority of TV shows will also reflect a scan line-less quality when viewed in a Plasma television set.

Plasmas come in a design that’s sleek, slim, and saves a lot of space.
You will be pleasantly surprised at the number of options that a Plasma set can provide in terms of installing it in your room or living area. With a conventional TV set, your only option for installation is to place it on top of a table or stable and flat surface.

With a Plasma set, you have other options aside from outing it on top of a table. You can also hang it in the wall or from the ceiling. These two options provide you with a home theater feel for your TV viewing experience.

Another advantage of the Plasma set is that it blends perfectly to the design of any room. As it has a picture frame look, a Plasma set will not be too obtrusive with the whole design theme of the area. It won’t be a piece of bulky appliance that will disrupt the overall appearance of the room you install it in.


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