Should You Go High Definition With TVs?

For television owners in hi-tech countries like Japan, Australia, and the US, the trend has shifted from owning standard definition television sets to HDTVs. Thus, it has become essential for people there to know why in order to achieve quality viewing, HDTV is the best choice. High definition TV sets are a cut above standard definition sets, and it would be an advantage for people to know what makes these two types of TVs different, so that when owners of standard definition TV sets would decide to go HD, they could go to an appliance store and have an idea on how to choose a great HDTV from among a large assortment of TVs. Moreover, you can connect this TV set with any external device that contains videos you want to watch with the use of an HDMI cable. You get to enjoy these videos in the widest screen and the crispiest resolutions.

Think of HDTV and standard definition TVs as human eyes. For people with perfect vision, everything is crystal clear and pin-sharp. However, for people with eyes that have vision grades, objects may appear not so clear and sharp. In a standard definition TV set, a picture is made up of millions of colored dots called pixels. These pixels become obvious if a TV viewer looks at the picture shown on a standard TV screen very closely. These pixels sometimes flicker, and in some cases, they can be pronounced, making the picture less clear and even blurry. HDTV performs like perfect vision in the sense that pictures are crystal clear, detailed yet do not contain pronounced pixels, are wider, and do not flicker. This should answer the question on why HDTV is the best choice for quality viewing.

The perfect human vision is in fact 130 megapixels (mega = million, so a total of 130,000,000 pixels), as the eyes have 130 million rods and cones, which are cells that detect light. This means that images made in the eyes’ retinas are close to ten times higher resolution or definition than the images produced by most digital cameras, which are mostly 13 MP. As for old PC and laptop monitors and standard televisions sets a picture is made up of 704 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically, which is equal to 0.33 MP or 333,333 pixels. To make it clearer, a 3 megapixel digital camera produces pictures that are ten times better in quality compared to a standard TV screen.

With that, HDTV produces either 1920 x 1080 pixels or 1280 x 720, which makes pictures look sharp and in turn, giving you the best viewing experience.


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