Planning to Work at Home? You Need These

If you have decided to work at home instead of having to report at an office every day, congratulations! This decision will have a huge effect on your life. It must be said, though, that working at home can also be a huge challenge, as there may be too many distractions when working at home, ranging from noisy family members to neighborhood activities. Furthermore, you may not have all the essential tools that can make things convenient like a fax machine, Internet connection, and a lightning USB cable.

Take note, though, that to be an effective telecommuter (someone who works from home), some tools are required. Without these, working at home may prove to be a huge challenge.

Requirement #1: Office space

Working at home does not mean you can just work anywhere in your house. One, the place you may be working at a certain time may not have the tools you need. For example, at one point, you may be working in your bedroom and you need scissors. You would need to walk to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors, then back to your bedroom. That may take seconds, but eventually, all these seconds can accumulate to a lot of wasted time. Moreover, you may be tempted to wander around, and you end up not finishing anything. Also, the spot you may choose to work at one time may be too noisy and somewhere a lot of people pass by, distracting you from work. Thus, you need to choose a place in your house as your permanent home office, complete with all the tools you need, far from distractions, and well –lighted and ventilated.

Requirement #2: A comfortable chair and desk

You will spend a lot of time working seated on a chair and placing things on a desk, so you have to make sure these two furnishings are suited for the work you will be doing and be comfortable for you.

Requirement #3: A dedicated phone, fax, and internet lines

Having a computer, a fax machine, and a wireless phone is a given, but the three mentioned connections are required to do work properly. Some people’s phone and internet lines are the same, so they might lose important calls when connected to the net. You have to make sure these three connections are independent of each other. Speaking of lines and plugs, cables like a USB 3.0 docking station would be essential as not all accessories you will be suing can be accommodated by the number of electrical outlets you may have. Installing more than enough electrical outlets can make your room look too cluttered, with all the wires and plugs attached to them. It would be better to use a docking station where you can charge your smaller gadgets.



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