Our Picks for Top Online Storage Solutions

The great thing about technology these days is that you do not really need to have physical hard drives for all the things you have. And for most of use, that’s a lot! For pop culture junkies who have gigabytes upon gigabytes of MP3s, videos, movies, TV shows, huge storage is important, and something that they can easily transfer with their lightning USB cable to have access with is definitely a welcome treat. But carrying external hard drives everywhere you go to have access to your files can be a drag, right? This is why cloud and online storage solutions have become a must-have.

Top Online Storage Solutions

However, the popularity of these online storage solutions has triggered the proliferation of so many options for all of us to enjoy. Each option pushes its benefits and advantages, but which one is the one you should trust? Here is a rundown of the leading online storage providers and what’s good (and bad) about the services they offer:



If you have looked through the plethora of reviews for online storage providers, you might conclude that this is the best option in the market. Dropbox has earned a lot of praise and high rankings. After all, it is the only cloud storage solution that provides clients for Blackberry and Linux. The basic account is quite small at 2GB, which should be good for documents. But if you are looking to use Dreopbox for videos or music, then you would need to upgrade to 100GB. There is a 500MB free storage for each friend you refer to the service with a 16GB limit. Sercveral gadget manufacturers have also offered free Dropbox storage; for example, Samsung has offered 50GB of space on Dropbox for those who buy a new Samsung smartphone.


Google Drive

Google Drive is at the center of the assorted services currently being offered by Google.

What users love about it is the generous space a free account is provided – 15GB! Moreover, as all Google services have been integrated under one log-in ID, as long as a person has a YouTube account or Gmail account, he or she already has a Google Drive account. However, the disadvantage of this shared log-in is that the free space is shared across all services. Moreover, Google Drive does not give away additional storage to referrals or social media linking like Dropbox.



Like Dropbox, Microsoft has also introduced a referral incentive where users add 500MB of storage for each friend they refer that signs up. Also, they add 3GB for those who link their OneDrive to their smartphone’s camera roll for automatic backup. Those particular about privacy may not appreciate the fact that Microsoft reserves the right to scan through anything that is saved in any OneDrive account.


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