Only the Best Set Top Boxes

Are you still hooked on cable TV? How can you be when you’re too busy with work and family commitments that won’t allow you to be at home, in your pajamas and a bowl of popcorn, enjoying your favorite show? These days, streaming and downloading things to be viewed on your TV is the most ideal way to watch. Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash to spend on the most advanced home entertainment systems. Fortunately, with an HDMI cable and a streaming set-top box, you can watch your favorite programs on demand for a not-so-expensive investment. That way, you can say goodbye to cable TV!

HDMI cable

Here are some of the best (or at least, most popular) set top boxes available in the market that you should consider to make your personalized entertainment center a reality:

Apple TV: Easy to Use, Perfect for Apple Users

Of course, as its name claims, this product is from Steve Job’s kingdom, which means if you are an Apple fan ir if you have at least an affinity to iGadgets like an iPad, an iPhone, or a MacBook, then, this set top box should be what you would consider connecting to your TV with the help of HDMI cables. For a set top box, Apple TV is not that expensive. Also, the interface is quite easy to use, even for those who have not been exposed to Apple products at all. Of course, the library of TV shows and films that Apple TV owners are presented with for download is vast and extensive.

But then, there may be some downsides as well. For one, content from the iTunes store can total to an expensive amount. Moreover, like most Apple products, content bought from iTunes or for use in Apple TV has DRM, which means they cannot be accessed, used, or viewed in non-Apple devices. Lastly, there is no access to Amazon or other content marketplaces, and thus the number of streaming channels is limited.

Google TV: Clunky But Configurable

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum is Google TV, which you might as well consider as the Android of set top boxes. What’s great about opting for Google TV is the wider selection of hardware that it can run on or is compatible with. Moreover, as opposed to Apple TV only having access to iTunes, Google TV has Google Play, but also access to Amazon, YouTube, and NetFlix all at once.

However, those advantages can also be the gadget’s downside. Like the Android operating system, the apps are not subject to intensive quality control. Thus, the apps present on Google TV are as good, with the trackpad requirement to use them. The occasional crashes, popups, and lags prove that Google TV is not that friendly to the user. Lastly, the streaming services and TV show selection is more limited compared to Apple TV.
Take note of these pros and cons when shopping for your set top box.


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