Make Sure Your Spend on Protecting Your iPad Mini

For those who have invested on an iPad Mini, congratulations are in order. The iPad Mini is one elegant and dependable gadget that’s not only meant to be owned for the purposes of showing off, but as a tiny gadget that really can. Using it with accessories like a lightning USB can turn it into a quite impressive tool for productivity.

But then, it must be said that the iPad Mini is not necessarily the most budget friendly of all tablet PCs available in the market. That is why it is wise to invest in accessories that protect it as well to assure owners of their gadget’s longer life. For those owning an iPad Mini, looking for a case protector is a must.

In almost all reviews for case protectors for the iPad Mini, the Belkin Quilted Cover with Stand is almost always present. This may be because Belkin has been a trusted brand when it comes to producing cases for tablet PCs, particularly the iPad. For iPad Mini, Belkin does not seem to disappoint, as it has come up with another multi-functional and useful accessory for the mini-tablet toting crowd. The stand has an adjustable stand that can be changed in an angle suitable to the user’s preference. The cover folds unto the cover of the device to protect it from dirt and obejcts that can cause scratching to the unit, particularly the screen. The front flap itself is made of soft material, so users do not need to worry about it scratching the iPad Mini screen.

With multiple viewing angles, a magnetic tab closure, and protective corners that prevent denting of the unit’s sides, the cover is as functional as it can be. Interested buyers can choose from black, ruby, and cream to suit their personality and mood. If there is one thing that makes this cover a bit of a turn-off to some market segments is not its features, but its design. Even in black, the cover looks a tad feminine for men to really like it.

Belkin may have foreseen this turn of events, which is why it has made a smaller version of its hugely popular Cinema Stripe Stand cover for regular-sized iPads with the Belkin Striped Cover with Stand. It is equipped with the same features expected of Belkin cover cases and has a more streamlined masculine design. The colors are even more muted, as the choices available are gravel, blacktop, and red carpet. A drawback with this cover is its more expensive price tag compared to most available iPad Mini case protectors by Belkin.

However, the price tag should not be a discouraging factor in buying a case protector. Remember that you are investing in things that would prolong the life of your gadget, so might as well splurge.



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