Are You Really Getting a Great Deal with Refurbished Laptop Computers?

Refurbished laptop computers have risen in popularity mainly because they can be built to one’s own specification, or at least the ones that are already built are definitely priced significantly lower than brand new laptops. The “refurbished” term is actually loosely applied as an umbrella term that can be further dissected into two types: the real “refurbished” laptops and the “barebone” or build-it-yourself laptop. Let’s look into these two kinds of refurbished laptops and see if they are really as good as they look.

Refurbished Laptop

A lot of people want to take advantage of owning a refurbished laptop mainly because of is more affordable price. It is almost guaranteed that a refurbished laptop has a friendlier price tag compared to a brand new version of the same laptop model. As for the concern of some people that their accessories like a lightning USB cable may not work on a refurbished laptop, that may be unfounded as most refurbished models are already advanced and not like they came from the 1980s. They’re simply laptops that may have a part or two damaged and thus, refurbished.
When refurbished laptop computers are said to be “barebone,” you only get a motherboard, power supply and CPU. That means that you would have to let the computer technician in the shop install such implements such as the screen and memory components. Computer shops will actually suggest some of these components to you. With this kind of laptop building scheme, you can build your laptop any way you want. You can save money if you feel that you can do without some components such as an optical drive.


A downside to this is when you have to buy more components that are missing and end up costing as much as a new unit. You can only take consolation in the fact that your unit is custom-made and there are some software features that ready-made units are built with that are not really necessary most of the time. Also, it goes without saying that there is no warranty for barebone units.

Refurbished laptop computers that are commonly referred to as “refurbs” are old or display units that have been tweaked and now sold in computer shops. As these are already old units, they can be bought with great savings. You actually need to do a lot of research to know if the price you are paying for a refurbished laptop really corresponds to the real value of the unit. Be careful – you may actually be paying more.



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