New iPad, New Apps

Tablet PCs are getting to be a common gadget among many people.  This may be because there are more affordable models you can buy without having to empty your bank account.  However, based on reviews, the iPad still tops the list in terms of popularity and having the best value for money. Also, the many apps that you can choose from are what keep people interested in it.

Although Android apps are more popular, obviously because they are used on more devices, more people still consider iPad apps better, and higher quality. Maybe the device that runs them are better, or the app development is better, or the accessories like the multiple iPad charging station stand are better, or maybe the iOS is just a better operating system compared to Android, but there’s just something about iPad apps that are more appealing to owners.

If you are thinking to get a new one, probably an iPad Mini or a refreshed iPad rumored to be released soon, then you should start looking for what apps would be great on it. Here are 5 of the best new iPad apps you can check out for your new device.

iTunes Festival London


This is the official app for annual iTunes event happening annually in Camden, London.  There will be 30 gigs planned to entertain this year’s attendees, one for each day of September.  This app will enable you to watch the events live, as Apple will be streaming each gig through this app. Make sure you have your iPad charging station ready because the musical acts are simply not to miss.

LadyBird: I’m Ready for Phonics


This is Penguin Books’ latest app, which is aimed to help kids, aged 5 to 6, in learning phonics. This app is developed with the guidance of literacy experts and has been tested in schools, which assures you that this will indeed help your kid.   If you have little kids who are just starting to learn how to read, this app is very timely as it offers 12 levels of tests and it also helps parents to be more effective in teaching because it has a guide to phonics system for parents. For parents who’d love to expose their kids to technology as early as possible, this is one app worth checking out.



This will fast become the fashionista’s favorite app. It has product listings from about 350 designers, which will give you a wide array of choices. This will definitely make online shopping much more convenient and it is even integrated with a wish list feature. You should own apple thunderbolt cable for faster transferring of images.

Tomo ABC Town


This is another app that is great for toddlers who are learning the basics.  This is a great and interesting way to teach them about letters.

NFL Game Rewind


This app will definitely be a hit for American football enthusiasts and fans.  This is an official NFL app that will stream full replays of past games from the 2013 season.  However, this is only available for US-based subscribers.


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