Can We Redo These Apps?

People are now using their tablet PCs more often.  They are used to improve productivity at home, school or in the office. There are a lot of apps being developed that are useful, although some are not quite there yet in terms of productivity. Here are some examples of apps that really need to shape up unless they want to stay in the lousy app category, something you wouldn’t want to waste your time using your four-port iPad charging station on it.

Leadership Quotes (Free)


This supposedly inspirational app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.  The aim of the app is to share great leadership quotes, and in turn encourage people to bring out their innate leadership skills. However, the pop-up ads and the need to input your current location makes the user feel iffy about using the app. I say remove the ads, and make sure that the quotes are readable no matter what device is being used to access the app and this app might get on my good side.

ASKnLearn (Free)


This app is supposed to be a great resource for parents who want to help their children with schoolwork online. However, the app limited to ASKnLearn LMS users only and needs Internet connectivity to operate. I have to give it low marks because it keeps on crashing, rendering it useless when you need to use it. The developer must fix this problem, including the attaching of files or risk losing its users.

Martha Stewart Living Magazine for iPad (Free)


Those who have a print subscription to the magazine get to have the app for free; otherwise, you have to subscribe for the digital issues.  The problem with this app is that the digital issues are too large, which makes the app crash often. The video cover is also annoying.  Improvements can be done on the app itself, as well as the size of the digital issue in order to eliminate the crashing problem.

Simplenote (Free)


This is a very useful app because it can create notes and have them tagged for easy search.  So, what is my problem with the app? My concern is the $20 subscription I have to shell out in order to eliminate the ads that pop up on top of the screen, which is just a deal breaker for me.  It also has a random habit of un-tagging and deleting notes.  The subscription rate has got to go and the overall app needs improving. I definitely would mind spending on accessories like an iPad charging station if the apps I’m using perform as poorly as Simplenote.

Bunk1 ($4.99)


This app supposedly can send notes between parents and kids who are at summer camp.  The high cost of the app does not do it justice as it crashes often. Moreover, there are a lot of bugs that have yet to be fixed. You’ll only end up frustrated instead of enjoying the convenience of communicating with your kid.


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