Utilizing Thunderbolt Cables for Your Computer Network

Nowadays, at least one desktop computer at home has become the norm.  Gone were the days when computers were considered to be an expensive piece of equipment that only a few people or families could afford to own.  In those days, only companies could afford to purchase desktop computers for office use as it is said to have increased the productivity of the people and have helped in making work a lot easier and faster for the employees.

Combo entertainment center/work center

Combo entertainment center/work center (Photo credit: sldownard)

With the advancement in technology as well as increased competition, it is the consumers that have greatly benefited.  Affordable computers from a wide array of selections can be had, depending on the needs of the user.  It is now also a common sight for external devices to be developed that users can directly connect to the computer through input/output (I/O) cables. Intel, together with Apple, have worked hand in hand to develop the Thunderbolt cable, a user-friendly way to transfer data at high speeds and is said to replace many of today’s protocols that most PCs commonly use.

This product was launched sometime during the early part of 2011.  People got excited about the possibilities that this will bring to both connectivity and productivity of computer models and peripherals.  It is said to be able to transfer data from different peripherals to and from the computer unit. Those whose work involves a lot of huge data transferring from an external peripheral into the computer’s hard drive – videographers, graphic artists, and those in the arts industry surely welcomed this technological development.

For now, Apple products, particularly the new Macbooks, enjoy the power of the Thunderbolt. It is said that speeds of up to 100Gbps can be eventually enjoyed by the users who will use this hardware however there are some skeptics that say that this scenario is unlikely without resulting to the use of optical cables.  But for now, it is tried and tested that the concept of using the Thunderbolt to transfer huge data files is indeed working.  This is important so that peripheral manufacturers will also be convinced to make more products that will make use of this technology. As of the moment, only a few manufacturers are making use of the Thunderbolt and including it in the design of the item.

iMac G4

iMac G4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who are currently designing their office or home network, it would be nice to take the possibility of utilizing computer hardware with Thunderbolt connectivity. The price might set you back and make you think twice, but looking at the benefits in terms of increased productivity, it could be worth the price. You would only need a single cable for all data transfers be it data, voice, audio and even power. The high-speed connections will make data transfer faster, which means more work can be done at a given time. If you have older computer models, you can still use them with the use of adapters.

KanexLive is one of the merchants that you can go to if you need supplies of Thunderbolt cable and other Apple peripherals and accessories. This online merchant is capable of being able to provide you with the items you need especially in utilizing your Apple products.   Don’t let the price set you back.  Consider it as an investment your company will reap the rewards after.


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